Application Information

All Electricity Transmission System Operators (TSO) are invited to join the group. Key principles of the TSO comparison group are confidentiality and openness. Any member receiving information will keep this strictly confidential. Members that do not supply information will not receive information other than the information made public. The membership fee is EUR 7.900 for the upcoming project, covering the costs of the workshop, secretariat, support, analyses and reporting. The membership fee may be lowered or increased given the number of members and the consultancy work load during a project period. The proposal for the 2015-2016 project, which is scheduled to start in spring 2016, shows the special topics covered in this project.

To ensure all this every member has to sign three contracts, which can be downloaded from this side. The first contract is the confidentiality agreement for data exchange in which a member declares to treat all information from this project confidential. The second is a confidentiality agreement with the support consultant KEMA Consulting to ensure that your data will be treated confidential. The last contract is the consultancy agreement with KEMA Consulting for secretariat, support, analyses and reporting.

TSOs are invited to join the project.

Please contact project administration if you have any questions.

The Group of International Comparison of Transmission System Operation Practice